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Reliant Internet Services, LLC

Website Development and Digital Marketing

Wix Partner

Personalized Service

Reasonable Rates

We have over 15 years experience in web development and design.  Our services are geared towards small to medium sized businesses, churches, charitable organizations or anyone who needs a well designed website at a reasonable price.  We also offer training in Wix website creation for those who want to "do their own thing."

Does your website need an upgrade?, a complete overhaul?, ongoing maintenance? 

Reliant Internet Services can help you achieve a website that will meet all your online presence and marketing requirements. 


Click here to complete our Contact Form and request an Online Presence Audit including assessment of design and "call to action",  SEO (search engine optimization assessment), Social Media evaluation and recommendations.


Services Include

Website Design  // Digital Marketing  // Content Writing // Wix Training

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